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I give mine 2 or 3 almonds every day.

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Still having tail hair loss issues and breakage...  :(  Pretty soon I'm scared 
he's going to be mistaken for a rare black and white opposum...  :(    From the 
onset of this problem he's had no issues with the rest of his coat...  Recently 
it's been looking a little dull... though that may have been b/c he was 
definitely due for a bubble bath... Looks a lot better now that he's had a bath, 
but it's definitely still a little lackluster...   Breeder recommended upping 
his Thiamin/B1 intake, also dosed him with dewormer per another's 
recommendation, vet recommended E/Fish Oil when it first started... Also have 
now given him a flea treatment (the recommended brand of course) and a bath with 
gentle baby shampoo...  His diet matches the recommended specks on the 
website...  Running out of ideas...  

Anyone else encountered the issue and found a solution?  I can send pics via pic 
message on my phone if that would help in a proper diagnosis...  He's due for a 
vet visit for his booster shots, but my vet has rather limited experience with 
skunks, so I'm not sure how much he'll be able to advise me on probable 

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