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Re: adequan for skunks. 
Yes it is based on weight. My kid gets .10 cc (I use a 1cc insulin needle).  Please let me restate that I am not a vet. On the other hand, I would hate to have other skunks suffering when there could be a remedy that works. It works for mine and I believe it was worth the risk to give her a better quality of life.
See what your vet thinks. I know mine has used it on dogs in the past, but not skunks. He said it was worth a try and so I did. There do not seem to be any side effects either. I am also sending you a link about the medicine.
I don't know if it would work for others, but I just had to literally chase my skunk kid before she ran under the bed!!! I can handle that :) What I couldn't handle was her dragging her back legs like a walrus and her getting sores on the tops of her little feet from the floor; not to mention knowing she was in pain. Another thing that my vet has me do is water therapy. I put warm water in the tub and "excercise" her legs for her. She gets tired quickly so I stop at the first sign of her beginning to get that way.
Let me know what you think/find out.
Thanks, and God Bless You and your skunk(s)!
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> injections of adequan (a medicine used for lame horses) 

What dosage did you use? I presume it's based on weight? 

I would LOVE to know the various vets' opinions on this.  I hope they 
approve it's use in skunks!!!  

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