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Stanley is papralized as well and although, it is very time consuming and lots of cleaning up messes, i would never put him down as long as there is no pain...

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I can sympathize with you.  Last April I came home from work to find my poor 
skunk basically parylized from about the middle of the back.  I took her to 
the vet and xrays showed she had twisted her spine.  We gave her steroids 
for a month and a half, and saw that wasn't doing any good.  Since Penelope 
had the use of her front legs, and she wasn't in any pain, I've chosen not 
to put her down.  She doesn't know she's parylized and continues to be the 
same cuddly little skunker she was before - only now I have to express her 
bladder for her and keep her cleaned up!  I keep her in a playpen for the 
most part, and let her wander through the house occasionally as she used to 
do.  You'd be amazed at how fast she can motor around when she wants to!

I said this all to say, that if you're willing to put in the extra care and 
time it takes to take care of your skunk, as long as they're not in pain - 
why put them down?

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> Hi to everyone have already had xrays see two different vets bloodwork and 
> so on. My baby who is seven years old spine is fused together cannot walk. 
> For weeks he was getting around okay like he had nothing wrong. Now is is 
> potting where he lays and stays there doesn't come out and got sores on 
> his belly. I got him medicines from vet. Put him in a cage so I could keep 
> him cleaner. changing his bedding alot. I know I am being windy but this 
> is hard. When do you decide to put down. I am not sure I can , but I know 
> it might come to it. Any input is welcomed. Thanks so much
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