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Fri Sep 4 21:57:19 PDT 2009

I sent this privately, but I realize other might find this info helpful for other issues in the future so I'll send it along the public lines...

hey peggy- 

for the shredding issue with the diapers- try a cone collar- like the
vet puts on them when they get fixed to keep them from getting at their
stitches...? Might help keep the paws out the way...? Maybe switch it
around so it's on the tail end in front of his back legs, or behind his
front legs around his waist instead of the standard position around his
neck since you're trying to prevent digging not licking...? Also what
about spraying the diaper or pee pad exterior with something non-toxic
but undesirable, like bitter apple dog deterrent spray, or the
animal-off furniture deterrent sprays...?? 

As for the sores- my wolf had fly bites on his ears- best regimen i
found to promote healing was a topical ointment called "bag balm" - you
can get it at rite aid- but you have to ask the pharmacist for it
because they don't stock it as a standard item, but the pharmacy brings
it in special for human ailments.? A little of this salve works great-
it was originally developed as cow udder cream for sore or chapped
udders, but has since proven to work well for pressure or bed sores-
like your kiddo presumably has, cracked winter skin, wind chapped lips,
cuts that keep opening up, etc. etc. etc. - it's liek the old fashioned
bottles cure-alls of the wild west, lol.

?And just in case:? If you find that this is just to yummy for him to
resist, go for the other option i used when the bag balm kept
collecting dirt and didn't seem to stay on long enough to deter new
flies from chowing down...? I used a spray of aerosol liquid
antibiotic/benzocaine, let it dry, then topped it with a spritz of
aerosol liquid bandaid.? Both can be found at Rite-Aid as well.? This
seemed to heal him up in no time, and kept the wounds sealed and dry.?
If you find the wounds just won't heal no matter what you do- I
recommend asking you vet for a steroid ointment- from my human
experience- I got a severe burn on the inside of my lip from a caustic
solution that dripped onto my number lip during the course of getting a
filling.? They initially gave me a Rx strength Ambisol- that only
numbed it and did nothing to heal it- several very miserable days later
I went to my family practitioner and after a little research she found
this amazing steroid ointment- after almost two weeks of misery- just a
few applications of that ointment healed that sore in two days flat...?
There's got to be something similar you can get from the vet- even if
it's a human product that you have to pick up at the pharmacy... Maybe
even the same oral steroid paste- so that just in case he licks a
little it's non-toxic for consumption...? :)

Catharine & Skunkers, oh and the wolf, Loki, says "hi!" too... ;)

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