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Yes he is in a cage we have had that cage in our bedroom for seven years and open so they can come and go they sleep in a lot,closest one week under the bed in the living room  gave up my dressers for yeara and so on he likes cat carriers best but he got to  where he couln't climb out so he didn't want to sleep there. And he still , pee and all sleeps with me! I am so sorry you all just don't know what we have gone through to keep him healthy. When i got him as a kit til now. They have always ran our life!

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she said she has him caged....well put a no skid rug on the floor, nice 
bedding, even a heating element for pets in one of those large pens  the 
ones with six panels. put him in there.  since he can not walk maybe he can 
drag himself until she gets the right supplaments in him or the dog cart. 
at least its bigger than a cage.


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>> Can't you put him in a pen and lethim drag himself?
> What in the world does this mean?
> Shelor
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