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What supplaments do you have your skunk on?  Have you put a diaper on him? 
Do you use the incontinent (sp) pads for humans for him to lay on?  that way 
the pee goes into the pads.  Can he  pull himself along?  Can't you put him 
in  a pen and lethim drag himself?  Have you looked over these pages?

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> Hi to everyone have already had xrays see two different vets bloodwork and 
> so on. My baby who is seven years old spine is fused together cannot walk. 
> For weeks he was getting around okay like he had nothing wrong. Now is is 
> potting where he lays and stays there doesn't come out and got sores on 
> his belly. I got him medicines from vet. Put him in a cage so I could keep 
> him cleaner. changing his bedding alot. I know I am being windy but this 
> is hard. When do you decide to put down. I am not sure I can , but I know 
> it might come to it. Any input is welcomed. Thanks so much
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