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Hi Peggy - I don't usually reply but I am a vet and also know how hard it is when these little guys are our children at heart.  My advice to you is to ask yourself what the quality of life is for your baby.  If he cannot walk or control his urination and has sores, that would tell me that prolonging his life is not quality for him, as hard as that is to hear.  Also, those signs are not good as far as a prognosis.  I don't have all the details but that is just my impression.  I think you know in your heart if he is suffering and if so one of the kindest things you can do is to help him over that.  I know how hard it is and know you'll make the best decision for him.  


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> Hi to everyone have already had xrays see two different vets bloodwork and so on. My baby who is seven years old spine is fused together cannot walk. For weeks he was getting around okay like he had nothing wrong. Now is is potting where he lays and stays there doesn't come out and got sores on his belly. I got him medicines from vet. Put him in a cage so I could keep him cleaner. changing his bedding alot. I know I am being windy but this is hard. When do you decide to put down. I am not sure I can , but I know it might come to it. Any input is welcomed. Thanks so much
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