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Mon Oct 26 07:49:32 PDT 2009

Would love to see the pictures of the contest, but I can not open them
from this computer. If it wouldn't be too much trouble could I get them
sent to my home computer.
fzyslprboo1 at

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Did I get removed from the mailing list?  or did the whole list sink

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> Does anyone have pictures of my baby Skunkers in his Skunk-zilla suit 
> during costume judging at Skunk-fest when he decided to get stage
> and pulled the costume over his face??? I never got a chance to take a

> picture of him being all goofy about it before he pulled his Houdini
> and wiggled out of it...? :(??
> If you find something in you collection can you send them to me
> Thanks!!!
> Catharine
> cathygag at
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> did the whole list sink into oblivion?
No, it's still here....just very quiet with rare posts.  How are you??



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