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Mon Nov 9 10:02:39 PST 2009

WOW!! you have 3!!!? I guess you would be a GREAT PERSON to learn from for sure!! :) If and when you have lots of time or a little at a time, could you tell me step by step what I might be getting into??? 
daily habbits? dangers? what they eat? special needs? you know the important things to keep them safe and in good health. I live in Micigan and they say I can have one but so many different ones to choose from. 
I hope to have a loving lap style pet as was my tiny toco bell dog. One that would love to be spoiled and handled most of the time.
OR are they like that? Keep in mind I really don't know the first thing about them other than it has only been a dream for me to own one of my own. 
I never tried to get one due to I had kids and was told not to until I had more time and love to give one than my kids. We are retired now and have so much to give some kind of critter. I thought this might be the time to look into it. What do you think??

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