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jeannine callender ricktiff2 at
Mon Nov 9 09:53:38 PST 2009

OK then, can I start learning from you now??? :) no time like the present huh???

> So we want to learn first. 

What a GREAT THING TO READ!!!!!   Way too many people see the little 
furballs in petshop windows and 'just HAVE to have one'......and
they have NO IDEA what they are getting into....NO IDEA what to 
expect....NO IDEA what diet to use....NO IDEA what vaccines they must have......and the 
skunk usually suffers greatly.

THANK YOU for caring enough to learn all you can first.  June is a long 
time away, so you have lots of time to study and learn!!

Shelor Brumbeloe
Skunks As Pets, Inc.
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