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I read everything I could get, from our local library as well as ordering through used and rare book dealers about skunks, and being owned by them. All this research, and belonging to two groups online still didn't prepare me for Mycroft. At least, not entirely. Still, I read, I talked, I phoned, I listened, and I haven't looked back.

Good to know you realize there are going to be challenges. Welcome to the group.

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> Date: Sunday, November 8, 2009, 1:19 PM
> Hi, we wanted to learn more about
> skunks as a pet. We are retired and have lots of love and
> time to give. We just lost our pet a couple months ago and
> looking for a new pet to fill the emptiness and void here in
> our home. We live in Michigan and are allowed to own a skunk
> if we choose. 
> We only worry that we may not be able to give a skunk all
> of what it would need from us and we fill that wouldn't be
> fair to the animal. 
> So we want to learn first. I have always wanted one and
> have now talked my husband into it at least so far. 
> This is why I wanted to join your group to learn all I can
> before jumping in with both feet. 
> Thanks for your time. Jeannine and Randy Johnson
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