SK: FW: lost skunk - advice on finding them??

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Thu Mar 19 12:22:30 PDT 2009

good luck to you all on finding youor pet...DON'T GIVE UP..NEVER GIVE UP HOPE!! glad you found your mink....say alot of prayers too..give it all you can...even the impossible things try,try, heart n prayers go out to of luck Dear..Martha

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Good luck Amy.I found my pet mink after it got out for 6 weeks in the middle of winter.I was out every day ringing it's "dinner bell",but I started think that only comforted it and it was near the whole time.I finally caught him in a live trap(after catching a groundhog,Oppossum,one-eyed Raccoon,and the fiercest beast of them all-a feral kitten!)that I checked twice a day.

Cheers,  Gabe

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Date: Thursday, March 19, 2009, 11:19 AM

Wow - thank you all for your advice.  You are great.  Still no luck but could
someone comment on how likely she is to stay close to home?  Since she got out
in the front, she had really 3 choices - travel the front house lines to the
right or left as all are fenced to their back yards, cross the road to an empty
lot in front of my house, or follow the road out in the open to who knows where.
I've left food out in several places of my yard and they are all untouched
so I don't think she is around my house.  My neighborhood is enclosed by
cement irrigation cannals.  Two sides have been running with about 8 inches of
water since she escaped and given how she hated her bath, I don't think she
would have crossed them.  So that at least encloses half but it is still
probably a 1 square mile area with probably 250 homes.  I've been patrolling
the perimeter and open lots, fields and alleys but I go back and forth from
thinking she'd stay close given how much there is to see and do right there
versus thinking Hey I'm free , let's just keep running.  Is she likely
to go into enclosed (chain link fenced) yards or stay out in fields?  ALL the
people have gottn my fliers and so many are looking and no dead body has shown
up yet either so I think that is a good sign that she's staying out of dog
back yards...??? Thanks again for your help.  I am so heart broken and worn down
with tears but when I hear some people have found theirs after weeks, and I
don't have a dead body yet, it gives me hope to keep looking.  THanks.


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> Gotta disagree Shelor - Deb is telling her correct - 
> Popcorn Broccoli and fruits are not eaten by cats outside as they are
> obligate carnivores - I know they sometimes will(I have a fruit eating
> cat)- but a cat and dog on a nightly roam is not going on a veggie hunt-
> I have yet to have my cats drop a stalk of celery on the porch for me
> and I would really love to see a picture of a coyote eating a vegetable
> dinner
> Amy, I would try the trap near your house with the favorite foods in it
> - cover the trap - so it looks more like a den - maybe with blankets she
> used indoors - the only downfall would be catching a skunk that is not
> yours - 
> Good luck finding her - I know your heart is braking - will say some
> prayers for you 
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