SK: FW: lost skunk - advice on finding them??

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> popcorn and melons and broccoli that cats and dogs typicically wouldn't 
> eat. 

All animals will eat all those things....including coons, foxes, coyotes, as 
well as dogs and cats!!  LOL  My animals have all preferred veggies and fruit 
over commercial foods!!  Including dogs and cats.  : )

Look at least twice daily--dusk and dawn are the times skunks are most 
active-- in areas with lots of 'hidey holes'.....log/lumber piles, unused cars, 
outbuildings they can get under, garages with stuff they can get behind, yards 
with outside pet foods, underneath concrete slabs is a very common place they 
like to den  (yes, even under houses!), thick bushes....and she might well be 
following moles....which she might eat if she catches one....or more!


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