SK: FW: lost skunk - advice on finding them??

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Humm...I got advice TO put out her favorite foods and put flour around it so I could see her tracks to help regionalize where she might be- things like popcorn and melons and broccoli that cats and dogs typicically wouldn't eat.  Now I'm confused.  ALso would she pick a spot to hide and then go back to it after each night to sleep in the day or would she move to new sleeping holes?  What is their typical behavior that way?  I'm just wondering if since she's been gone 4 nights now if she'd be more likely to settle into an area or still be relocating each night.  My ground around my house is gravel so there are NO tracks to give me any idea which direction she headed so I'm trying to narrow my search to the most likely environments - do they like tall grass, bushes, moist verses dry areas?  Would she be more likely to dig a hole or get into something -shed,pipe, etc.  How likely are they to stay away from yards with dogs?  Should I look first in yards without dogs??  OUr irrigated ground is soft -we have lots of mole holes but they are out in the open - do they dig holes in the open or only under something.  Homes are built on cement and hard for an animal to dig under them here.


Thanks to everyone who is trying to help me.  I feel bad enough she got out so right now the fact that she isn't spayed and I'm a bad owner for that is not helping.  When her glands were removed, she was under anesthesia longer than I wanted so I did not have them continue with the spay.  

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> > She is not spayed. 
> That's a BIG problem in more ways than one. 
> Multiple Coyotes could kill her.
> Just because you've not seen then, don't believe for one minute there "are no 
> skunks". Skunks are now even happily living in inner city areas all over the 
> country.
> Don't put food out....that just invites MORE problems and MORE wildlife. Go 
> out and look for her....under/behind/in everywhere and everything. Go out at 
> dusk and dawn for at least a couple of hours. Rattle cellophane packages, 
> shake a peanut can or jar.....familiar 'treat' sounds.
> Shelor
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