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I am sorry about your baby.

Have you looked over the skunk haven's page on if you loose your skunk?

Lost Skunk Procedure
Our worst fear is our skunk "getting out". Be prepared in case this happens:

Bring your skunk out for walks; get him accustomed to the yard/familiar 
smells/surroundings. Pay attention to which direction he usually head off in 
Have phone numbers on hand; look at steps 4-7 below and collect local 
Do preventive measures before that happens. Skunks can tear through screen 
doors/windows. Skunks can open up doors that are cracked. Put plexi-glass 
over low screens. Buy a spring for your door so it will shut. Place a gate 
before your doors. Screw down heating and ventilation covers. Secure the 
drier vent pipes/hoses and block off access to the back of the drier.

Rescue Procedure List
1.Don't panic. Call on friends to come over and help you look while you call 
out their name (some skunks get spooked by a stranger calling out their 
2.Make sure your skunk actually got outside... search to be sure he isn't 
hiding in the house (check underneath everything as they can flatten 
themselves out and squeeze through very small spaces; check to see if heater 
vents have been taken up; look down the fire place hole; check closets as 
some can climb up).
Once you know for sure your skunk got out then proceed with the following 

3.While you are out looking, have another person make up flyers with a 
picture and place flyers all over the neighborhood'.
4.Alert the neighbors - make everyone aware he is a domestic skunk and will 
not spray and that he may be out during day light hours.
5.Call your local television and radio station as well as the newspaper.
6.Call an Animal Communicator such as:
Colleen Nicholson, 315-652-4964, $35.00 for 20 min.
Flash Silvermoon 352-475-2432, Fee,
Jan Saks 754-214-3567
Lorelei Hunt, 302-328-8799, $25.00 for two sessions
7.Call the police, wildlife officer, animal control, pet stores, vets, post 
office, mail carrier, any delivery services, meter readers, and rehabbers in 
the area. Again, make everyone aware he is a domestic skunk.
8.Set several live traps outside with: his blanket/your clothing, favorite 
food, cheese or peanut butter. Cover trap with his blanket and tarp in case 
of rain.
9.Look for signs of where he traveled, such as little holes that have been 
dug, poop, etc.
10.If your skunk is on a feeding schedule make certain you are out looking 
for him at the time he is usually fed.
11.Look in culverts, gardens, holes in logs, under porches, in other people's 
garages, under buildings, in other animals holes, behind a bush, near the 
garbage, around the cats and their dishes.
12.If you think your skunk is down a ground hog hole/under a building/other 
area, sprinkle flour around the opening. This will show skunk tracks coming 
or going.

13.Keep in mind that skunks can travel several miles.

14.If your skunk is bonded to you then place your dirty clothes/underwear 
around the traps. Some owners have spread their own urine around the yard to 
attract their skunk to come home.

15.Will your skunk back home. In your mind (use your third eye), will your 
skunk to come back to where he walked away from. See in your mind's eye your 
yard or garage, call his name, tell him to come back to wherever you "will" 
him to. Send an image to him. Tell him to be careful of the big black hard 

16.Set up camp outside. Sleep out under the stars in a sleeping bag.

Additional services available
John Keane (Sherlock Bones) specializes in lost animals 1-800-942-6637
International K-9 Search & Rescue Services
c/o Harry E. Oakes, Jr.
P.O. Box #1472
Longview, Washington 98632 USA
Oregon phone: 503-705-0258
Outside Oregon phone and fax: 360-414-8093
Missing Pet network

Deborah Cipriani
SkunkHaven ,USDA and State Lisenced
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> I did join your list so should be able to post this for help.
> Thanks
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> Hi -
> I have an almost 2 yr old skunk that just got out the door 2 nights ago. 
> She's never been outside and I'm just sick that I have lost her.  I live 
> on irrigated 2acre home parcels.  Do you have any advice for my best hope 
> to find her?  Will she travel far or stay close?  Should I set a trap? 
> What foods would cary scent the best to attract her if she's still around? 
> Can you give me ANY advice on what to do to best increase my chances of 
> finding her?
> Thank you
> Amy
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