SK: FW: lost skunk - advice on finding them??

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Mon Mar 16 16:19:51 PDT 2009

If you have a grill, cook bacon and onions on it.  If you don't, cook them in 
the kitchen with windows and doors open.  Think of how strong those aromas 
are at Fairgrounds.  : )

Walk at dusk and dawn and rattle a familiar "snack sound"---peanut can, 
potato chip bag, etc.  Wear "unfresh" clothes (read unwashed) so
that your scent is out there too.  Use pet names....sing, whistle, chirp.....
whatever sounds the skunk is used to hearing you make.

Look under, in and behind tight places:  in woodpiles, in and under 
outbuildings, in and under abandoned cars, behind flowerboxes.  If 
you know of neighbors who feed pets outside.....check those places.
Any winter vegetables gardens around?  Check those closely.

Traps are usually unsuccessful with skunks....they're too smart for them.  If 
you do try, bait it with tuna, overripe banana or overripe cantaloupe.....all 
rather strong aromas.

Prayers winging!!!!

Shelor Brumbeloe
Skunks As Pets, Inc.
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