SK: FW: lost skunk - advice on finding them??

Amy Roth amyrothdvm at
Mon Mar 16 15:13:32 PDT 2009

I did join your list so should be able to post this for help.



From: amyrothdvm at
To: skunks at
Subject: lost skunk - advice on finding them??
Date: Mon, 16 Mar 2009 21:46:42 +0000

Hi -
I have an almost 2 yr old skunk that just got out the door 2 nights ago.  She's never been outside and I'm just sick that I have lost her.  I live on irrigated 2acre home parcels.  Do you have any advice for my best hope to find her?  Will she travel far or stay close?  Should I set a trap?  What foods would cary scent the best to attract her if she's still around?  Can you give me ANY advice on what to do to best increase my chances of finding her?

Thank you


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