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Tue Jul 21 15:02:35 PDT 2009

Looking for some imput from the experienced moms and dads out there...? :)

Just got my little booger on Saturday from a well trusted breeder- he's just about 10 weeks old or so...? How should I go about introducing him to my two dogs (a doberman and a wolf-hybrid) and my indoor/outdoor cat?? They've all had a good sniff at my hands and the dogs through their kennel fence have each gotten a good snuff of his back while he was a asleep in my hands...? My dobie understand the concept of inside kitties vs. outside kitties- inside kitties she knows she has to at least "tolerate"- the kittens can crawl on her and walk on me and the most she's allowed to do is pout and grumble her little under-the-breath protests of the sheer unfairnes of it all...? Outside kitties (that aren't my indoor/outdoor kittie of course) on the other hand are a different story- they're a chasing around the garage and house free-for-all- she's never caught one, as there are plenty of trees, buildings, and fences to slip up, into, or through- so it's all in harmless fun, stray cat detterence, and good exercise... LoL ? The wolfie on the other hand is just a gangely teenager, and while the worst he's ever done to the cat is give her a good, very undignified sliming, he's also very aware that she will put a hurting on his tender little nose should he try anything worse...? She's actually opened up her paws on my lap and smacked them both on the nose at once when they tried to interfere with her lap time- LoL- it actually looked like she was doing the old slap-stick comedy routine of smacking the two unsuspecting oafs' heads together when they're least expecting it, tehe.? And while thus far no one has been hurt physically, despite a few bruised egos, I'm a bit worried that the skunk well be at a bit of a disadvantage in the play and household games...? Any ideas for easing the transition and ensuring good introductions between everyone?? Recommended timeframes?

Also-? Any advice on sleeping arrangements??? I cuddle with him as much as possible during the day- mostly him sleeping in a little makeshift fleece sling/cuddle-sack I made while I'm studying... But at night I've been putting him in a large three-story ferret cage with his litter box, food, water, bed, and toys...? This is in part due to his schedule still being set to "nocturnal", for his own safety as my house is in a bit of shambles right now as I'm packing to move, and partially due to the fact that he's had a couple soft "accidents" on me...? the litterbox wasn't even on his mind... (No worries btw, vet said he's very healthy and gave him a dose of dewormer to be safe and a little Science Diet A/D to make sure he doesn't get dehydrated- I think both, along with a good balanced diet hashelped already...) 

Obviously he's a little to small to be trusting in my bed with me, especially until he's better with the box, and capable of getting off the bed by himself to get to it...? Any tricks of the trade for the transition?? Any equipment modifications to help him?? --> I'd like to avoid those overpriced pet steps if at all possible...?

Any other personal experince recommendations, suggestions, advice would be great!? ---> I already went to the skunkhaven and skunks as pets website and printed out EVERYTHING, so no need to recommend I go there, lol? ;)



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