SK: Treat Balls- Also try Treat Frisbies

cathygag at cathygag at
Wed Jul 15 14:52:55 PDT 2009

I have an issue with my kiddos skuttling the treat ball around at all hours of the night... Was driving me INSANE...? I found a hard rubber "flying saucer" treat dispenser- the two halves screw together and the space between them can be adjusted according the size of nummies you decide to fill it with day to day...? And little paws can fit inside nicely too- swipe, swipe, swipe... Frustrated grumbles... Swipe.. Swipe... Success! Nom nom nom nom... LoL? The hard rubber is meant for big dogs, so they're "virtually" indestructible- I say "virtually" only because I witnessed a friend's skunker who was left for a weekend with a BORING roommate who refused to play at 1am - to set his daddy straight that such abandonment would not be tolerated in the future he shredded one of daddy's leather steel-toed construction boots into lovely tiny tan confetti, hard rubber sole and all, and decorated the whole hallway with his work of art... He was quite proud of himself I can assure you...? So like I said- if you have his "Terminator" skunk, nothing is indestructible, but this seems to be holding up well.?? I got the large dog sized one so that they have a harder time moving it around- the hard work tires them out too- BONUS! LoL? :)

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