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Skunks are very food oriented. Try changing their mealtime. Or call them and give them a food reward (piece of fresh green pepper, for example). They will soon answer your call and come out to get a reward. 

If you give treats, instead of adding to their food intake, give them part of their dinner as a treat. In nature, skunks don't eat 'meals' anyway. They forage for their food. They also love 'treat balls.' Treat balls are usually made for ferrets. Put nutritious goodies in it and watch them roll the ball to get the treats. My Tribble would get so involved in pushing the ball that she wouldn't see the goodies when they fell out and Jake, the other skunk, would just walk along behind her, eating the food that she didn't see.


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Any reccomendations on how to change a skunks nocturnal sleeping habits?
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> no emails that actually state the suggestions
People are responding privately.  Not uncommon.  : )

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