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Answer to Shelor's question:
On the PBC show the lady was feeding her many skunks a veggie mix of some  
kind and she kelp it in the Ref. in a large bowl. I was wondering what it  
consisted of. I want to feed my skunk as healthy as I can. I thought since 
she  had so many skunks she would know. So months ago I asked this question 
and  someone asked  "me which recipe" and soon after reading that my  computer 
crashed. Carol~

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Recipe for what,  Carol?


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All it was a mixture of what is on  the web site  ,  I am not  sure what I fed that day. 
It could have been egg plant, bok choy,  broccoli, dandelion, sun flower 
seeds, eggs, shredded cheese and a grain  free dog food.  I could have 
honey too.  I mixed it all  together.  I use a food processor and for us, 
seems our skunks  digest the foods better. (I do not put the dog food in 
food  processor)  Each day we make something different. spice of life, they 
would get bored with the same foods each day.

Deborah  Cipriani
SkunkHaven ,USDA and State  Lisenced
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> Hi. A  few months ago I asked for the recipe I saw on a skunk documentary 
>  on
> the PBC channel. A lady wrote me back with the recipe the woman on  the
> program  had  made for her skunks. I asked if anyone  happened to know 
> A
> lady  responded to my request  with a recipe. Before I got a chance to 
> print it
> out my   computer crashed. I had to wait to get a new laptop and now I 
>  can't
> find the  email. If the lady who emailed me with it could  email me again 
> would be most  happy.
> Thank you  ahead of time, Carol~
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