SK: Michigan Breeder Baby Skunks Available

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NO way all the time will ever pertain to a skunk except NO WAY TO TELL WHAT THEY WILL DO NEXT...LOL
Just try to keep the box clean and and put one in each corner or block the corner if you can, how ever it works for you
eva marie

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> can anybody tell me how to make sure she goes in her litter box ALL of 
> the time? 

Simple answer?  No.

Keeping the litterbox impeccably clean is your best bet.  Removal of solids 
immediately is the most likely to succeed.  Have you considered
a second location for another box for her?  Some skunks do better with a 
second bathroom.

I presume you are NOT using clumping litter?  That stuff is DANGEROUS!!!

As to two boxes for two skunks....again, all skunks are different!!!
Some will share......some won't!!!


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