SK: Michigan Breeder Baby Skunks Available

Heather Brisentine nickib486 at
Thu Jul 2 17:22:19 PDT 2009

Hey everybody thanks a lot for your input! I am very excited about this because I think she may need a friend. Oh, and can anybody tell me how to make sure she goes in her litter box ALL of the time? Sometimes she may poo on the floor but I think she may only do that when she thinks the litter box is too full. If this sounds accurate let me know. And if I do get another skunk will I need to provide two boxes? I am not sure if they will use the same box or not. Thanks again.

Heather (nickib486)

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> > if skunks are friendly around other skunks as I would like to try to get 
> > a kit.
> That always depends on the personalities involved.  Just as with us, some 
> skunks are introverts, while most are extroverts.  With skunks,
> NOTHING is written in stone!!!
> Shelor
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