SK: Michigan Breeder Baby Skunks Available

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Mine all get along too and they are different ages. However, even though the adult skunks are curious about the babies and will come over and look at them in the baby pen, they don't seem to realize that they are skunks until they are about half of their adult sizes. Then they 'hang' together, sleep together and play together.

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 have 4 skunks all gotten at different times, the older ones seem to understand 
hat the babies are babies and the tolerate them well, other people may feel 
ifferently, depends on people's personal experience with skunks..but all mine 
et along.....MOST of the
va marie
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> if skunks are friendly around other skunks as I would like to try to get 
 a kit.
That always depends on the personalities involved.  Just as with us, some 
kunks are introverts, while most are extroverts.  With skunks,
OTHING is written in stone!!!

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