SK: Skunks are ugly?

SB sb at
Thu Jan 29 14:29:59 PST 2009

Well, some skunks are prettier than others. Not just the markings, but 
the face. One of my skunks has lots of white fur. The lack of pigment 
seems to extend to her nose that is pink. I think it detracts from her 
good looks.

Another skunk looked sleek and beautiful. Then she started putting on 
weight for the winter and started to look quite dumpy.

As far as taking skunks into states where it isn't legal, I can 
understand the reasons people might be against it, but the other side is 
that life if always filled with risk and danger. Should we not permit 
any wild animals to breed because they may become prey for other 
animals? Or not allow animals to breed because someone might hunt them? 
What about allowing wild animals to exist when there is risk of hunger 
from extreme weather?

Isn't the life of a pet skunk to be appreciated even if the skunk 
doesn't last for 10 years?

And why is keeping a skunk as a pet considered acceptable? Shouldn't the 
skunk be allowed to live life as nature intended rather than being kept 
in captivity? Is it right to subject a skunk to surgery (de-scenting )  
because it pleases its owner?

Who is to draw the line at what point protection and concern for the 
animal become unreasonable? Guess it's me.


>  This is sooo typical of dog-n-cat people... Cats have flat faces and
>  say "meow' and dogs have long faces and go "whoof'"-ANYTHING in
>  between is coined as?"ugly"-How common... Skunks are beautiful
>  animals from head to toe and ANYONE with a passion for black-n-white
>  animals can't deny this...They even makes coats out of skunk fur!
>  Maybe it is your WIFE that is the one who's UGLY!!!

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