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       I have to agree with Louis Erickson. Don't bring any pet into a home where there is opposition to it's presence. Your wife is gonna feel "dissed", you will take all the responsibility for the care of the animal (and the blame if it doesn't work out), and it is always the animal that suffers in these scenarios. There absolutely must be mutual agreement & support of the entire household when it comes to pets.

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>This is my first post to the list. I want to get a skunk as a pet, but it's not legal in my state. Furthermore, my wife does NOT want a skunk. She says that they are ugly.
>I was thinking that she might change her mind if I convinced her to come with me to see baby skunks that a breeder might have. Pictures don't seem to do it for her.
>I'm not sure where a list of breeders might be on the Internet. My google searches have brought me here. If it helps, we live in Utah, so a list of Colorado or Nevada breeders would be sufficient.
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