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Sun Jan 25 11:08:44 PST 2009

Hi, Jeff!

On Sun, 25 Jan 2009, Jeff Anderson wrote:

> This is my first post to the list. I want to get a skunk as a pet, but 
> it's not legal in my state. Furthermore, my wife does NOT want a skunk. 
> She says that they are ugly.

I would never suggest someone in an illegal state have a pet skunk.  The 
penalties to the skunk are too severe, in my opinion.  (Usually, they 
seize it, and test it for rabies by freeze-drying a segment of it's 
brain.  Rather a nasty shock to someone's innocent pet.  The other 
penalties - fines, jail time, etc. - are things that you, as an 
intelligent person, can decide are worth the trouble but the likely death 
of a beloved pet is not.)

In addition, I would make sure that your wife is really sold on this idea 
before you start to keep an illegal pet.  Any stray mention of it can lead 
to unpleasantness, and unless she's all for it too, it can too easily end 
in tears.

It may be that she just finds the whole group of weasel-like animals 
unpleasant.  Some people don't like them.  Does she feel the same about 

> I was thinking that she might change her mind if I convinced her to come 
> with me to see baby skunks that a breeder might have. Pictures don't 
> seem to do it for her.

To try and help you, I can tell you that, this very week, look on your 
local PBS station, for an episode of "Nature" about skunks.  I haven't 
seen it yet, but it should have tons of good information and good film.  
I can't think of a time "Nature" didn't have amazing footage.

(I actually probably won't see it, sadly, as I don't have television.)

> I'm not sure where a list of breeders might be on the Internet. My 
> google searches have brought me here. If it helps, we live in Utah, so a 
> list of Colorado or Nevada breeders would be sufficient.

The best breeder you'll here suggested is Ruby Fur Farm, who has a website 
at  It may be difficult to find a local 
breeder, especially one in an illegal state.  Many breeders may not be 
terribly nice places to visit, either.

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