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we have two spotted skunks. Had them for about 4 years now.  we use them
for our educational programs.   Due to how they can climb, run, etc we
have to keep ours caged.  we feed them Tottaly Ferret food and
hamburger, they like meal worms too. and some cheese other than that
they really will not eat anything else.  We were taught by Jerry Dragoo
about the care of our spotted.

No they are not like our stripped skunks.

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I'll be interested to hear how things work out with Spotty. I'd been
told that spotted skunks don't tame as well as striped skunks, but I've
never heard of anyone's first hand experiences with them. It must be
quite a challenge since spotted skunks can climb, to make sure they
can't find any nooks or crannies where they might get out, be injured,
or get trapped.

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> I FINALLY got my spotted skunk-after ALL these years!
> I named him "Spotty",ofcourse!
> I wish I knew how top operate this computer
> better-otherwise I'd download pictures for you all...
> He is SOOO cute(but a little nippy) but I can tame him
> down-I ALWAYS DO!!
> Have a Happy New Year Everyone-I KNOW I WILL(LoL)
> Tim
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> Shelor
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