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Louis Erickson lerickson at
Tue Feb 3 09:40:26 PST 2009

On Tue, 3 Feb 2009, Jaysin Osterkamp wrote:

> that's terrible.  I don't have my Skunk yet because Illinois still won't
> allow it, but I can't begin to imagine having to give her up because some
> selfish twit called a fake bite on her.  I'd be heart broken

If you'll take a ton of time, and read the archives of the list here at 
rdwarf, there are the heart breaking stories of several skunks being 
seized and killed.  Some were for a bite, some were for less.  In most, if 
not all, cases, the skunks were killed to test for rabies.

There are several of us who suggest strongly that you don't own skunks in 
illegal states because we've seen what happens and it is so very 
unpleasant for everyone involved.  The skunk worst of all.

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