SK: Just passing it on ...

Housel, Holly hlhousel at
Tue Feb 3 09:19:05 PST 2009

Permission to cross post. Please pass this on. 
I feel I need to say something here on our behalf. I have heard people
saying on other public lists down grading me/skunkhaven about the
adopting part of the PBS show. The people on multiple skunks lists know
what I am talking about. 
The part about me adopting a skunk to already skunk owners in which the
host did SAY they have owned skunks before makes a big difference in
adoptions. And the next FACT that is that I had NO IDEA that Skunk Haven
was going to "adopt" a skunk to anyone until FIVE min's before Jon and
Hollie showed up. That was all new news to me. 
Yes, that's Jon and Hollie, our SkunkHaven Oh-East Reps, with their son,
they PLAYED THE PART of people adopting a skunk to make the story
Also, the skunk this couple with the small kid was adopting is one of
our presentation skunks, PLAYING THE PART of an adoptable skunk. 
Hollie and Jon still own four skunks. They do make GOOD skunk parents
and Human parents as well!!! 
You can see pic's of Hollie, Jon, and the skunk on our web site! 
We usually do not adopt to people with small children and I do see the
concern but the film makers are the ones who put in what they wanted to.
At least the moderator did say they have owned a skunk before and Hollie
and Jon did talk about their skunk that pasted on. I hope people did not
miss that part. 
I hope this sets the story right what really happen. Now people if you
do not have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all!!! Lets
all get along! Unite skunky Butts! 
We have heard thru the grape vine of a skunk ring and we would love to
be a part of it. Its the skunks that count and their well being. 

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