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         Here's something positive. The guy's willing to travel w/skeptical wife to a legal State & see a pet Skunk in a home environment. Can't help myself 'cuz I'm in an illegal State....

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>> Jeff,
>>        Here's the bottom line from a non-skunk owner by choice. When I was a kid, there were people in our vicinity (surburban- pre-ban-1960's) that had a skunk, so I know what great pets they make. My cousins in Louisiana had Armadillos as pets, they would come to you if you called them. These regulated days are simply not the time & place for an illegal pet. If you live in the country (where I have driven up thru the cornrows and seen skunks with cat collars & bells on) you can have one 'cuz no-one cares. If you live in town, or in suburbia, forget it. Two questions: Do you live in a rural agricultural (do you live on a farm) area ? Do you live in a State where Skunk ownership is legal ? If you can't answer yes to at least one of these questions, and convert your wife's thinking, then the idea of "exotic" pet ownership is not a possibility for you. Pretty tall order for most Americans. My personal circumstances simply preclude the ownership of a skunk at this time. I can do it in the future when my kids are older and I move to my rural property, but not now where I live in a subdivision. This animal has a few special needs that require specific circumstances, including the support of your entire household. If ya ain't got those circumstances, don't do it.
>I'm aware that I need to live in a legal area, and convince my wife. I
>will live in a legal state after I graduate from school. I posted to
>this list for advice on ways I might convince my wife that having a
>skunk is actually a good idea- specifically where can I take her to see
>a skunk baby up close? Anywhere in the country. We'll make a detour when
>we are out traveling.

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