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         Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ? The California chapter of this organization should be re-named: The Animal Death Society. They've killed more than Hitler ever did. 
   If this organization had a legitimate interest in animals welfare they would seek solutions. Instead they dysfunctionally resort to PTS on a mass scale and then cry about it like the means justifies the end. OK, I admit I'm opinionated, but they have options at their disposal that they realistically don't persue. Just My $0.02 cents worth.

 Now that I've voiced my unpopular opinion it's the bashers turn. Hope I don't get "moderated" by rdwarf. I'm always making mistakes...    

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>> I wouldn't think of putting the animal through
>> that type of possible abuse of the authorities. 
>Good for you, ESPECIALLY in California....our most vicious state against 
>skunks!  California has MAJOR problems that they can't
>seem to handle...but they'll take and kill a skunk in a heartbeat!
>Some other states are almost as bad!
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