SK: I'll argue about anything including descenting

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I'd worried about the domestic breeding population too. If it's too closed, you get inbreeding, and that damages the quality, and quality of life of the kits. It's supposedly wrong to bring in any from the wild, but my first boy Mycroft was a treasure. I just wish I'd understood him better.

The two I have now are domestic, from Ruby's, and are descented and neutered. I know of Britain not wanting skunks descented, and there was even a story of people capturing a stray pet, and being sprayed. I'm too tired to look up the story now.

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> >  Wild skunks?  BY ALL MEANS!!  Domestic skunks?  No
> way, they have
> >  changed far too much in 200 years of domestication.
> I doubt that there is much change in skunks bred as pets
> from wild 
> skunks. The certainly look the same. Perhaps, temperament?
> And breeding 
> skunks results in a lack of genetic diversity. Clearly
> something that is 
> not good for skunks. Does that make breeding them wrong?
> In the UK it is now illegal to descent skunks. It's
> considered a form of 
> mutilation.
> Everyone has a point of view that they defend. And everyone
> seems quite 
> intolerant of others if there is any degree of emotional
> involvement.
> Someone wanting a pet skunk in a state that doesn't
> allow it seems 
> better to me than someone selling the fur 
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