SK: I'll argue about anything including descenting

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Sun Feb 1 11:56:31 PST 2009

On Thu, 1/29/09, SkunkLady2 at <SkunkLady2 at> wrote:

>  Wild skunks?  BY ALL MEANS!!  Domestic skunks?  No way, they have
>  changed far too much in 200 years of domestication.

I doubt that there is much change in skunks bred as pets from wild 
skunks. The certainly look the same. Perhaps, temperament? And breeding 
skunks results in a lack of genetic diversity. Clearly something that is 
not good for skunks. Does that make breeding them wrong?

In the UK it is now illegal to descent skunks. It's considered a form of 

Everyone has a point of view that they defend. And everyone seems quite 
intolerant of others if there is any degree of emotional involvement.

Someone wanting a pet skunk in a state that doesn't allow it seems 
better to me than someone selling the fur

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