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> what are you supposed to do with the orange peel and rubbing alcohol?
As per directions in SKUNK STUFF: Put 1 pint of rubbing alcohol and the 
rind only of 1 orange into your blender and blend it thoroughly. After the rind 
has been ground into extremely fine pieces, strain through a cloth and pour 
back into alcohol bottle. Use a piece of cotton or cloth to apply this 
mixture to your skunk's skin and fur. You could also put the mixture into a 
spray bottle and spray your skunk. They will smell delicious! The alcohol kills 
the fleas and the orange rind repels any new fleas. Orange rinds placed 
under your furniture or where your skunk sleeps help not only to control fleas, 
but make your house smell delightful.
Shelor Brumbeloe
Skunks As Pets, Inc.
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