SK: Daisy

TweeteBirds tweetebirds at
Sat Aug 29 19:15:52 PDT 2009

She's getting more comfortable here. She's coming out and exploring and interacting more with everyone. 

night I discovered she LOVES yogurt. She had a few licks off my finger
and then followed me around the house begging for more. 

youngest son went with me shopping yesterday and had to get Daisy some
toys. So we got cat and dog toys. I had one of the balls and rolled it
on the floor, she ran up, grabbed it and put it between her front legs,
when I would say "I'm gonna get it" she would turn her butt like she
was going to spray and then run for me to chase her.
I was laughing so hard. It still takes some getting used to playing with a skunk.

But I think she likes it here with all the attention and love.

her old house she was confined to the kitchen and the funny thing is,
she will not go in our kitchen. So I wonder if it's because she's
afraid she won't be able to leave it if she goes out there. It's ok,
because the cats food is out there. But I thought that was interesting.

Tonight we went and got Evict to worm her.  

I have a picture if anyone wants to see.  And thank you to everyone for the warm welcome and help!!


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