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Sat Aug 29 08:12:46 PDT 2009

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foxychic0007 at writes:
> any kind of squash, green yellow what ever
> carrots
> bell peppers any color
> other types of peppers too
> greens' like parsley, kale, mint, coriander/cilantro
> raw sweet potato
> raw pumpkin
> apple, peaches, apricots ( go easy on fruits though as they a have lot of 
> sugar)
> cauliflower
> broccoli

These are all great!!  Just need some proteins and calcium sources.

The commercial foods hyped as being"skunk food" don't have a good 
balance or appropriate levels of many things skunks need.  NONE 
have even close to the crucial levels of calcium and Taurine needed.

Of course, many wholeheartedly disagree!  : D


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