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If you were a child would you want veggies after having junk food all your  
life?  You need to keep offering veggies.  Try squirting some olive  oil on 
the veggies.  
IAMS is cat food not for a skunk.  I'm glad that you're not feeding it  to 
her anymore.  It's loaded with things that she doesn't need.  Way  to much 
fat for a skunk.  
She will  NOT starve herself.  Grapes aren't the best  thing to give her 
Start out with just a very few veggies, add more as she gets accustom to  
them.  Eggs are great, scrambled or hard boiled.  Sometimes, fresh is  better 
tasting but frozen is good quality also.  I know my lot love  okra whole 
and not chopped up.  You just have to learn from her but you are  the mama and 
in charge.  
Just keep trying, keep offering.  
I adopted a skunk that didn't eat veggies and took him a week of trying to  
finally break down and eat. 
He was grossly over weight at 22 pounds but got him down to 11.  He  was a 
big boned fella and vet said to get him up to around 14 pounds.  He  looked 
good then.  That first week, I was in tears with him. 
I wish you much luck and practice tough love.  She will  come around.
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Hi  All,
We are new skunk owners. We recently adopted a 3 year old  female. She's 
very sweet and loves to snuggle. Before we got her we had been  researching 
caring for skunks and what they require. I have a few questions.  

She's on IAMS currently, but I read not to feed IAMS. 

She's a  picky eater, I've tried offering her a variety of veggies and 
fruits, still  nothing. She likes blueberries, grapes and marshmallows (as a 
treat). But so  far nothing else I've offered she's eaten. I understand that 
one day she may  not want a certain thing, but the next day she will eat it. 
So any suggestions  as far as somethings your skunk loves (that's healthy) 
and a way to get them  to try it?

Thank you!

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