SK: New Here

TweeteBirds tweetebirds at
Fri Aug 28 12:25:42 PDT 2009

Hi All,
 We are new skunk owners. We recently adopted a 3 year old female. She's very sweet and loves to snuggle. Before we got her we had been researching caring for skunks and what they require. I have a few questions. 

She's on IAMS currently, but I read not to feed IAMS. 

She's a picky eater, I've tried offering her a variety of veggies and fruits, still nothing. She likes blueberries, grapes and marshmallows (as a treat). But so far nothing else I've offered she's eaten. I understand that one day she may not want a certain thing, but the next day she will eat it. So any suggestions as far as somethings your skunk loves (that's healthy) and a way to get them to try it?

Thank you!


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