SK: Real/ Natural "Wild Skunk" Foods I've tried for my domestic, any other tasty suggestions? :)

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Mon Aug 10 15:06:26 PDT 2009

Hey all, 

Just wanted to pass along a bit of feeding fun...? Thought my little one might like the try real/ natural? "wild skunk" foods, and boy was I right!?? Thus far he's had wild carrot, rose petals, fallen granny smith apples with yummy apple worms included, and Super/ Giant Mealworms.

He loved his taste of a wild carrot - this is commonly called Queen Anne's Lace- they're the tall weeds with the big white starburst blooms that contain many small flowers on one big round head at the tip of each stem... They commonly grow wild in the midwest in fields and along the side of highways, and are in full force this time of year, they're the ancestor of the modern domestic carrot and have a skinny edible root.? I picked a few small plants, washed them, and peeled them like one would a carrot and chopped them up for Skunkers- lots of fiber, Vitamin A, and a natural fiberous toothbrush!? 

We've also snacked on rose petals, again, an edible flower most people look over entirely... Of course you'll want to get them from your own garden, or from a friend who doesn't use chemical pesticides- as many commercial growers employ harsh chemicals to attain those stunning flawless over-priced red dozen wrapped in baby's breath....? I've had luck though with organic markets, the larger ones carry organically grown flowers, and the staff is well versed in if they're safe for human/animal consumption...? Because occasionally they're sprayed with preservatives post picking, and while these may be organic and/or natural, I've been told that some of them have natural ingredients that can have rather unsettling effects on the digestive tract, lol- ask, they'll know... ?? For human consumption, I highly recommend them in salads as an accent, or chopped up in cream cheese- super yummy and beautiful!

And last, but certainly not least, he had some yummy BUGS!!!? OH DO WE LOVE BUGGSSS!!!!?? I snagged the fallen apples from a friends yard for Skunkers, and my buddy warned me they were full of holes and likely wormy, but that of course didn't stop me, as a kid we used to love watching the mama skunks bring their babies in neat little rows to gobble up the sweet juicy apples that fell from the trees in our yard, the apple worms of course just being a little extra protein suprise in the middle I'm sure, lol. ? And knowing how much my gator (yes, a real, live alligator) loved Super Mealworms any time I brought them home from the pet store, I thought, hey why not give some to the natural little bug eater sitting on my lap...? I employed the dispatching method recommended on Food Network by the distributor who supplies the Adventurer's Club with their wiggly snacks for their yearly wild feast fundraiser in NYC- I quick dip in boiling water- like cooking lobsters, it's quick and over instantly.? And as a bonus it kills any incidental surface bacteria, and causes a involuntary intestinal purge getting rid of some of the grainy sawdust left in the gut...? I killed them in advance for two reasons, one- they move DAMN quick!? and secondly, they're little legs are meant to grad, hold, and propel them through logs- I was a little worried that one of them might inadvertently grad a very sensitive baby nose, eye, lip, or paw in it's final attempts to avoid consumption- they commonly tried this with the gator, but with his tough hide and instinct to close his eyes while eating, there was never any damage...?? Skunkers LOVED his little "blanched" Super Mealworms, he ate 5 in one sitting, and was hunting all around for more!?? They're available at most pet stores- make sure you get the "Giant" or "Super" Mealworms, as these are 1-1.5 inches long and come in a small white tub usually- the smaller mealworms are really small- but might be good sprinkled on their food maybe???? DO NOT REFRIGERATE the Large Mealworms, it will kill th

em- and once they're dead they start to go fast, and it's not a pleasant smell- I made that mistake once and only once... LoL? If they start to turn into beetles, which is their natural life cycle... I've been told you can refrigerate them to stop them from developing and turning further- though they'll likely die so you'll want to use them up fast once you do...??? I was told that the mealworms are high in fat- I was told from a reptile guy that it's like gator popcorn or potato chips...? So they're a nice treat, lots of protein, and certainly fun to watch your little one acting out his/her wild side- but I'd prolly go sparingly on other high calorie foods when you're treating with these too...? I was able to find a great nutritional chart online- though of course I'm sure these numbers vary based on species (I have to imagine, like other live feeder animals, that commercially available feeder worms' species vary area to area), but it's a good base line...? Keep in mind that there are freeze dried worms and crickets available if the thought of live food freaks you out- BUT I've heard mixed things about their nutritional value, mostly negative remarks, and I do not feed them to any of my animals because of cases of extreme constipation and impaction issues with reptiles who've been fed this cheaper, squeamish-friendly alternative to live wigglies...? The moisture and fat of the live (or in my case, recently dispatched) worms seems to help them pass quite nicely... ;)

If anyone has had any luck with other "real" skunk food to supplement and vary my baby's diet of common grocery store fair, I'd be curious to know what others have tried and found success with...??? Next on our tasting menu is some fresh dandelion greens... :)






Meal Worms

Wax Worms

Super Worms

Fly Larvae



Moisture, %








Fat, %








Protein, %








Fiber, %
















Ca, ppm








P, ppm








CA/P ratio %






Thanks, Sniffs, Huffs, Woofs, and Hisses,
Catharine, Skunkers, Loki the Wolf, Guinness the Dobie, and Chomper the Gator

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