SK: New member saying hi

Essa Adams essa at
Mon Oct 13 09:36:47 PDT 2008

Hello to everyone --- I just found this group when reading about skunks and
looking at everyone's online pictures this weekend.  I was inspired to get
out my camera last week to get more pics of my two girls, Lacey and Blossom.
And all in all, found you.  We live in the Great Lakes Region, it is legal
with a permit of course.  I am so grateful to live in a legal state.  Noted
some people in Carolinas are looking for pet skunks, and wondering if your
state has to have skunks born in the state?  Because there are always rescue
skunks in other states, or those whose purchasing parents decided they did
not want one after all, and then they need adoptive parents.   Outside of
our oldest long long ago, that is how we came by all our, they were rescues
and adoption because they needed a home.






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