SK: FYI....Attention those in Georgia and nearby

SkunkLady2 at SkunkLady2 at
Fri May 30 09:32:10 PDT 2008

Not good news.....

The new head of the Georgia DNR, Todd Limms, has put a new POLICY into 
place....skunks are completely and unequivocally illegal in Georgia.  He has blocked 
Ruby Farms from shipping into Georgia, period.  Limms has contacted all the 
pet shops who did business with Ruby's and threatened legal action should they 
get any in.

When Randy suggested that the new policy could easily be corrected and place 
into LAW, Limms said it would take too long.

Jane could and DID battle successfully that POLICY is not LAW, so 
it CAN be done.

SUPPOSEDLY, those who already have skunks in Georgia will be given a special 
permit, but that no more will ever be legal.

Ideas?  Suggestions?   

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