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On Sat, 24 May 2008, Ben Griffin wrote:

> AMEN/Are ya listening people?

Yes.  I am listening.  I asked that this thread be allowed to end.  If it 
does not stop now, I will be putting the list on moderation.

There are clearly differences of opinion here and they have been stated.  
This is enough.

Have I made myself clear?

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Wild skunks belong in the wild. Domestic skunks as pets belong in a home 
as part of the family. They are not happy confined in a cage. I have tried 
it both ways and the happiest is when they are free to roam. I have skunk 
proofed all he cupbards save one. He has made that one his home and comes 
and goes whenever he likes. It's adorable as he has learned to open and 
close the door as he likes. When he was in a cage he was frantic to get 
out always. They need to be free to roam and be with the family. 
Otherwise, why own one!

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