SK: found breeders with skunk, raccoon, red fox, and artic fox kits available

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Sat May 17 14:51:22 PDT 2008

Just to pass the info along, I went to Mt. Hope today in search of skunk babies, while I didn't come away with a stinker, I did come away with a few contacts for bottle-fed skunk kits, bottle-fed raccoon kits, bottle-fed red foxes, and bottle-fed Arctic marble foxes.? Both women don't advertise on the internet for legal reasons and out of respect for them I'm not making their information public knowledge.? Both women are in Ohio and presumably you'd have to come to them to pick up your baby in person, as I doubt they ship, so please keep this in mind.??? If you're genuinely interested in buying one of their babies please e-mail me, be sure to specify which animal you're interested in b/c the list of animals available varies per person.? Both are licensed breeders with ODNR and seemed to nurture their babies as family, otherwise know that I would not pass along their information.? 

Happy Skunking,

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