SK: Skunks in home or wild??

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Work with me on this one Shelor, there is a method to my madness. I do not like caged animals either, but if I went on a crusade against them how many breeders would I have to go against? How could I benefit the species by taking them out of public sight. To make them legal, i must un demonize them. I am confident that once people see more skunks in non scary settings, they will be more open minded. 

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> suitable environment that can be used for our campaign to legalize pet 
> skunks 

And HOW can a penned skunk possibly help in PET skunk legalization?  

Commonly, penned skunks tend to denude the face, shoulders, hips and 
tail...their personalities are NOT usually pleasant/definitely NOT pet quality, their 
pads tend to break down and infect and their health suffers leading to early 
death, even when veterinary care is attempted.


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