SK: Skunks and keeping it real

lisanjoe joenlisa42 at
Mon May 12 16:47:34 PDT 2008

Wow! I didn't intend to get anyone upset, and I have zero problem with skunks or any animal being a pet. I think I was just going back a little further than the indians that are also humans who domesticated animals for their own reasons. The real factor was just meaning that before we became involved they all started wild. I just hate to see someone else trashed for working with animals in a zoo like environment. I'm very sure that the people who work in zoo's feel like they are also doing the 'right thing'. They don't attack people who have skunks in their homes, so shouldn't be attacked back. Wild skunks do not choose to live like domestic pet skunks, do not walk on leashes, or sleep  on wild couches. That is the only 'real'.
Sorry to throw anyone on the defensive. Again, I've owned a skunk myself, and joined this because I hope to have one again in the future, in my home, as a pet. So, it's wasn't an anti-skunk for pet observation, just a common sense one.
            Sorry again, -Lisa-

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