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You sound like a PETA member. Their 'end game' is to outlaw all pets and domestic animals.?And that is a quote?from the lips of the head of PETA himself. 

Regarding your statement that domestic animals belong in the wild only, I beg to differ with you. Domesticated animals have been bred to enhance the qualities of the purpose they are desired to fufill. You will never see a flock of wild sheep. They would never make in the wild. How about a pack of golden retrievers? Ever seen a group of them together? It's hilarious, but they don't have the necessary survival skills to be wild. Turkeys? The domestic ones are notoriously lacking in survival skills.

It's the same with domestic skunks. Right off the bat, the ones that are pastel colored would fall victim to predators because their coloration does not blend in. 

Domestic animals have been BRED for a purpose. They are not wild animals. The majority of them could never be released. Are? you promoting the extinction of domestic animals? That is what will happen if the day ever comes that everyone is forced to set all creatures 'free.'
That is probably what people who dump pets use to rationalize their criminal actions. "Better off free," is a death sentence for domestic creatures. And it's a horrible, slow, suffering death. 


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The true fact is that they (and every other 
domestic animal) BELONG in the wild only.  We choose to domesticate them and put 
them into our homes but that doesn't mean they automatically belong there. 
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