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Sorry. Istand firm. Woods or loving caring environments. If you look back in your history book, the native Americans (and some very early settlers) had skunks as pets. The Indians even revered skunks. Skunks are friendly and curious by nature believe it or not (which you probably didn"t know). Thet have to be VERY ANTAGONIZED in order to spray. There"s a whole family of them in my shrubs right aside of my porch. I have sat out many a night observing them. Some of them even came right up to me, looked at me, sniffed my shoes, and waddled away. Oh, and F.Y.I., I am keeping it real. Are you?

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I can't get back to the group page, so hoped to have this posted through this email if it's possible.

I don't like to think of animals caged improperly or cared for improperly, however,I couldn't help but respond to this with a reality check. It is totally unfair to judge facilities based on the statement " Skunks belong EITHER in the wild OR in a loving caring home". The true fact is that they (and every other domestic animal) BELONG in the wild only.  We choose to domesticate them and put them into our homes but that doesn't mean they automatically belong there. It's very hypocritical to start ranting about them not belonging in cages or at zoos, when they also don't belong in our homes by the same arguement. I'm not anti skunk for pet (or any other animals) I just couldn't stand to see everyone justifying what they do with a former wild species by deciding that it's right, while trashing zoo's etc. Bottom line? Animals only belong in the wild. Any where else that we put them is unnatural, and that includes cuddling with us in our beds and riding
 around in our cars. At least try to keep it real guys.
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