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We had an issue a few years ago in our WV legsilature regarding exotics... the senators had so many people calling their offices that the bill was voted down. The calls came from all over the country and even Canada and Puerto Rico... So the voice of many is strong!

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cathygag at writes:

> I'm not sure how effectual signatures from residents of other states will 
> be on Illinois state reps. who were not elected by those people, and in fact 
> may not be valid if there is a legal goal 

The advantage is that "THEY" will see that this is not the case of one weirdo 
(Sorry Dom!!) wanting to legalize DOMESTIC SKUNKS, but a coast to coast 
group, plus others in other countries speaking out on behalf of skunks. ONE voice 
is easily ignored, but NUMBERS of voices speaking out can be heard!


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