SK: Baby Skunks

Jenna Jardim jjardim at
Thu Jun 19 12:13:52 PDT 2008

I was just wondering when do baby skunks get weaned from their mothers.
I have 3 pretty small skunks that I have been caring for that come to my
patio and they look really tiny. I know for raccoons they stay with
their mother for a winter, but didn't know about what happens to the
skunks. I really feel sorry for them since they seem so tiny.

Is California working on the oral vaccination for rabies or are they
even going to do this at all? I read what they did in Canada and it
seemed to really work up there (at least I hope I got my information
correct). If they are I would love to know something happens then I
could maybe help out my skunks and the raccoons. Of course this would
help out my 6 cats as well-no more shots!

Thanks for your time.


PS If you ever need a signer for a petition please let me know. Even
though I live in California I am behind what you all are trying to do.



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